About us

We are a creative, energetic and experienced agency, whose domain is mainly event marketing and strategic communication. Our strong point is a talented team with long-standing marketing experience from different fields and market segments, which represent projects for B2C and B2B as well.

    Our introduction:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Huge flexibility
  • Accurate in the execution of our vision / Unique attention to detail
  • A wide portfolio of successfully completed projects
  • Commercially effective campaigns
  • Solid knowledge of our market and customers

„The heart and soul of our agency, the face of Shake Marketing. The buck stops with me!”

Pavel Kratochvíl

CEO, Key Account Manager

„I’ll fight like an eskimo dog to increase the value of your brand.”

Kateřina Najmanová

Event manager

„Who would want to work with someone miserable, if they could work with me?”

Michal Stružka

Marketing manager

„If you see me walk away from a job which isn’t perfect, I’ll give you a million!”

Way in

Through our work, we aim to communicate a positive message which will invoke an emotional response from our target audience.


Our main goal is to create, protect and increase the value of our client’s brand.